A reality of the fashion industry and society at large. 

Starting out we had a hard time finding a pattern maker that was open minded to our vision. Commonly we were met with the phrase “I can’t help you with that design.” These were pattern industry leaders who could make swimmers, ball gowns and bike pants but couldn’t logistically make a pair of underwear without a pouch. We found this interesting. Let's leave that thought there because we now have an inclusive open minded team who support our dream of making flat fit boxer briefs.. 

However, for all those who still have questions we’ve decided to make a blog that features all things women's boxer brief underwear related. Hopefully this will help those people out there who still need a little more information about, the where, the who, the what and the how of womens boxer briefs and womens trunks underwear. We prefer to refer to our underwear as flat fit boxer briefs however, we will introduce these questions as they have been asked to us along the way.

“When scepticism meets curiosity, then change and growth can occur.” - Humxn Co.

Who can wear womens boxer briefs?

Well firstly, anyone can wear womens boxer briefs and we prefer to call them flat fit boxer briefs. Have you ever noticed that there aren’t any labels on clothing saying “Caution strictly for women, no boys allowed”. We believe that all tomboys, nonbinary, trans, intersex, androgynous and cis identifying humxns can wear our underwear. Although we have designed our underwear with a flat fit front, if you're packing in the nether regions and you want to be a part of an inclusive brand then we welcome you. If you would like to feel comfortable all day long regardless of your age, body type and gender expression then Humxn Co. has underwear to support you being your best version.

Can I wear womens boxer shorts/ flat fit boxer briefs during exercise?

Of course you can wear your women’s boxer brief (flat fit boxer briefs) underwear whilst exercising. We have designed our androgynous underwear for all walks of life. Whether you enjoy running, walking, lifting heavy weights, doing yoga or just hiking in the forest then we have an option to fit your lifestyle.  

Where can I buy womens boxer briefs in Australia?

Currently there aren’t any womens boxer briefs in stores or flat fit boxer briefs in Australia that are exclusively designed with optimal comfort and inclusion in mind. You're more likely to find androgynous style underwear online or sometimes you may find someone like  “Humxn Co.” in the flesh at a market stall in Brisbane”. (Stay tuned for more information on this)

How do I wear women’s boxer briefs?

Firstly we're curious about how people normally wear their underwear- but we’re not here to judge. So generally speaking, you would wear your women's boxer brief underwear or flat fit underwear under a pair of shorts, a skirt, a dress or whatever you wear in public. If you're at home, I mean - are pants compulsory? I will let you all answer that depending on your own house rules. 

Do womens boxer briefs have a gusset?

Although Humxn Co. have included this in our design, there are other brands that haven’t opted to include a gusset. We’d suggest checking the product description carefully to make the right choice for you. Although not compulsory for underwear,  a gusset does offer a little more peace of mind and security for the wearer.

Are womens boxer briefs comfortable?

Womens boxer briefs (flat fit boxer briefs) are extremely comfortable if you like underwear that offers fuller coverage. If you're already wearing men's underwear for this reason then making the switch is likely to have many benefits. Something to consider when buying womens boxer briefs is that some brands don’t sew the leg bands on separately. This means that they are likely to ride up because the bottom of the leg is too loose. This is usually done to save time and money during the production. Humxn Co. have opted to sew our leg bands separately to reduce potential ride up of our boxer briefs.

Can women wear men's boxer briefs?

Honestly, again this comes down to personal preference. We’ve designed our organic cotton womens boxer briefs (flat fit boxerbriefs) to solve the issue of the excess fabric located at the front of the underwear. For anyone that may have a sensitive nether region, this additional fabric that mens underwear has may be irritating to wear as it bunches up and catches in areas that are likely to cause discomfort. Mens underwear also doesn’t have any lining in the gusset where women generally speaking need it. This may not bother some, but it's likely that the longevity of mens underwear and the comfort they provide may be less than boxer briefs that are designed specifically to fit an AFAB body. 

In addition to this, whether you love the fact or hate it, AFAB bodies generally speaking are more curvaceous. Mens underwear often have excessively tight waist bands which sit uncomfortably on the hips. Humxn Co. has chosen elastic that is softer by nature and reduces that unwanted tension around the hips. 

We hope that this helps to clarify some of the questions you have. Ultimately we believe that everyBODY has the right to feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace their identity. Underwear is for everyone and we hope that by creating Humxn Co. we can help people just like us to feel confident, comfortable and down right amazing.