Hi there! Welcome to Humxn Co and thank you for jumping over to our about us page to get to know us better.

Humxn Co. seeks to provide underwear that empowers the wearer. As founders we feel that the current clothing industry doesn’t provide adequate underwear options that are comfortable, sustainable and Australian made.

Humxn Co. in its core essence is the acceptance of all individuals, regardless of gender identity. We believe that gender is on a spectrum and expression of gender reflects this. This is why we feel it's so important to be able to express your authentic self around the clock!

Humxn Co. aims to provide underwear that fits well and enhances feelings of self-identity, confidence and self-expression. This is why we’ve fit tested our underwear on like individuals. 

We’ve been developing our brand since July, 2020 and it’s a surreal feeling to be able to share Humxn Co. with you all. By taking our time we’ve found eco-friendly fabric suppliers, a carbon neutral delivery service, Australian packaging suppliers and an Australian manufacturer who all align with Humxn Co. values. If you’d like to know more about why these things please jump on over to this page.

Thank you for supporting our Australian made underwear.