Humxn Co. has a mission to focus on continually improving our sustainability as a brand. Being part of the clothing industry comes with the great responsibility of ensuring our practices are ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Paving the way to a better future 

Humxn Co. has chosen to use organic cotton in our underwear. By using organic cotton we ensure the safety of our mill workers, eco-systems, farmers and you. This means that there are no genetically modified organisms, pesticides, insecticides or herbicides used in the crops production. Thus ensuring no chemicals are entering local waterways. 

Humxn Co. have chosen fabric suppliers who align with our values and have sustainability practices in place. Our fabric suppliers are committed to recycling their water and fabric waste to contribute to a more sustainable future in the textile industry.  

Our manufacturer aims to repurpose fabric waste by recycling it into new fabrics using existing yarn fibres. If the fabric waste cannot be recycled our manufacturer donates it to local charities or businesses to avoid contributing to landfill.


Oeko-tex 100 certified fabrics 

Our fabrics are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard and are Oeko-Tex 100 Certified - which means they are safe and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. All of our fabrics are created using fibre reactive dyes. These dyes are an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic dyeing. Reactive dyes do not contain heavy metals or harmful substances. This method uses up to 70% less water and provides long lasting colour fastness. The majority of the reactive dye (80-90%) is absorbed by the fabric which results in a substantially lower impact on water pollution and usage.

Social Responsibility

Being a socially responsible brand is important to us. Hence our choice to use organic cotton. Organic cotton production is environmentally more sustainable than regular cotton, uses no chemicals, less water and is safer to manufacture. Organic cotton allows us to ensure we uphold social responsibility to our workers and you.

The World Health Organisation affirms that the lives of regular cotton production workers are continuously being put at risk in developing countries due to pesticide poisoning which results in illness, disability and at worst, loss of life. Pesticide ingestion or absorption affects a farmers ability to work and results in lack of provision for their families - ultimately this has lasting and devastating effects on farmers, families and communities. This is why we place such a high priority on ensuring we are keeping production workers safe. 

It’s a heavy topic but Humxn Co. feel it's an important discussion that the world should be involved in.  Buying organic cotton can save the lives of farmers and production workers so it is essential to have this knowledge and choice when purchasing clothing.


We choose to manufacture in Australia so we can support our local job industry and economy. 

Having an Australian manufacturer allows us to ensure our workers are being treated fairly by standards set by the Australian Fair Work Commission. We understand the codes and ethics that underpin an appropriate workplace and are committed to ensuring these standards are upheld. Our local production warehouse also aligns with our sustainability values and is equipped with solar power to reduce their environmental impact.


Humxn Co. takes environmental concerns seriously and carbon dioxide output from the logistics industry contributes towards global climate change. This is why we have chosen Sendle as our primary delivery partner. Sendle prides itself on being Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service provider. This means that any carbon dioxide that is emitted into the environment is offset by supporting environmental projects that seek to reduce CO2e. 

Our bulk fabric deliveries are handled by a large courier who places a high priority on working towards reducing greenhouse gases and offering greener alternatives by 2030. 



The packaging industry at large is a major contributor to global landfill waste. Humxn Co. has carefully chosen our garment packaging, shipping labels and postage bags to ensure they are biodegradable, sustainable and have minimal environmental impact. All of our packaging is crafted from cornstarch and is non-toxic to the environment whilst breaking down. You can easily add it to your worm farm, general home compost or bury it in your garden. Our packaging is 100% home compostable and will biodegrade within 120-180 days.