Hi there my name is Aimee and I am a Co-founder of Humxn Co. My role involves product design, manufacture liaison, product sourcing and talent scouting. Speaking of, email if you're interested in modelling for us ;-) (Brisbane only at this stage). 

I work in crisis support and I’m currently completing my honours year in Psychological Science. If you see me around, don’t be afraid to say Hi.

My favourite thing to do is hike when the weather is cooler and learn new skills.

Aimee Co-Founder

Hi there my name is Kate and I am a Co-founder of Humxn Co. My role involves taking care of all the book keeping, behind the scenes organisational components of running a business as well as co-designing products. 

I work in the health sector and I love reading books and listening to podcasts. I’m passionate about avoiding photos, enjoy being a homebody, tending to my plants and being with family in my spare time. I have a love of learning for all things and enjoy mountain biking so if you know of any cool trails hit me up at

Kate Co-Founder

Hey hey! My name is Kirsten (she/they) and my role in Humxn Co is Media and Communications Consultant. My role involves engaging our Humxn’s through our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok) and ensuring our Humxn’s are welcomed through diversified inclusive engagement. Pretty much I get to engage with lovely people everyday and make wonderful friends!

During business hours, I work in the Human Services Sector. In my free time I love to watch comedy on Netflix, spend time with family and hyperfixate on different research topics. I love animals, so if you have a pet or see a cute duck please send it to me at

Kirsten Media & Communications Consultant