Humxn Co. believes that  “gender” is on a spectrum and has reason to exist on a continuum. 

For decades gender norms have been challenged and the modern-day humxn has now become fluid. Gender according to the american psychological association is considered a social construct and form of social identity. Gender does not exclusively refer to biological sex assigned at birth. Gender is much more complex with many components that combine to create a gender identity. For example, how you express yourself, how you feel, how you talk and how you dress are all elements that help to create a cohesive sense of self-identity.

Our name in its core essence is the inclusion of all individuals regardless of their specific gender expression or identity. We feel we have given back choice to our community to wear underwear that embraces their authentic self-expression. Having gender-neutral underwear leaves space for creative gender self-expression. Underwear is a personal choice and is a form of clothing that has powerful embodiment abilities that society can not take from you. We’ve all been in jobs or situations where we’ve been forced to look a particular way. Underwear is immune to this and that is what we love best about our start-up range.

Our vision for Humxn Co. is always to provide an accepting, empowering and safe space for androgynous, non-binary, gender fluid, trans, intersex and other LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals.  We feel that  “Humxn Co”. encapsulates gender diversity and incorporates the concept of non-binary neo-pronouns that aligns with our vision.

We believe that all shapes, sizes and genders deserve to feel confident in their own skin. That’s why we embrace underwear that does not conform with stereotypical societal norms.  

Although we are currently specifically tailored to fit AFAB bodies we welcome all gender identities. So keep being your best version because you are exactly who you are supposed to be!

Your Founders,

A and K.